Dr Eleftherios Kastis

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

PhD Supervision Interests

I am interested in discussing PhD projects in two research areas: a. Graph Rigidity. I am particularly interested in rigidity properties of partially triangulated orientable and non-orientable surfaces. In a more analytic approach, I have worked on the study of periodic and symmetric structures. b. Non-selfadjoint operator algebras. My research interests involve reflexivity and chirality of operator algebras generated by unitary semigroups.

Matroid Theory and Combinatorial Rigidity
03/07/2023 → 25/08/2023

Graph Rigidity and Applications
17/04/2023 → 21/04/2023

Young Functional Analysts' Workshop (YFAW)
31/03/2020 → 14/08/2021

  • Analysis
  • Combinatorics
  • Geometric Rigidity