Astrophysics Seminar

Tuesday 28 January 2020, 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Physics C36

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Alumni, Postgraduates, Staff, Undergraduates


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Interpreting Galaxy Properties through Improved Modelling


Interpreting the photometry and spectroscopy of galaxies often requires consideration of their integrated light. For this, models which accurately represent the emission from a stellar population as a function of its age, metallicity and other properties are essential. Such stellar population modelling is a mature field where old, metal-rich stellar populations are concerned. However galaxies exist at all redshifts which are much younger and lower in metal enrichment than a typical local galaxy. Amongst distant galaxies, such systems become the norm. Modelling these population requires a detailed understanding of massive star evolution and its effects on the integrated light. In particular, it has become clear that interactions between stellar binaries and other multiples may have significant effects on the observed population. Here I will discuss the current status of stellar population synthesis modelling and its applications with a particular focus on the distant universe.

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Name Matthew Chan