Dr Steven Bailey

Scientific Project Manager

Research Interests

We have recently been awarded a major £7M project funded by the EPSRC for "Quantum engineering of energy-efficient molecular materials (QMol)" led from Lancaster University by professor Colin Lambert, in collaboration with researchers at Imperial College London, Oxford University, Liverpool University, and STFC. Leading to research focussed upon the following:

Molecular Electronics, Memristors (Low-power Neuromorphic Computing) and Organic Thermo-electrics (Flexible energy harvesting materials, smart textiles and self-powered patches for Health care)

The Theory of Molecular-Scale Transport Group based in Lancaster University encompasses a wide range of topics, including molecular electronics, nanoelectronics, thermoelectricity, battery materials, quantum transport, quantum sensors, low-dimensional systems, spintronics, superconductivity, density functional theory, non-equilibrium Greens functions, molecular dynamics, chemical sensing, nanomotors, DNA sequencing, surfactant design, micelle formation, surface coatings, transition-edge sensors and the design of oxide-based catalysts for water splitting and carbon dioxide reduction.