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The LUniverse Planetarium

The LUniverse portable inflatable planetarium at Lancaster University

The Lancaster Physics Department is proud to present the LUniverse mobile planetarium, an exciting educational resource for schools and the general public in Lancashire and Cumbria.

The LUniverse planetarium uses state-of-the-art equipment to present an immersive journey through astrophysics and space. You can take a tour of the night sky, view other planets and galaxies up close, visit astronomical telescopes around the globe, land on the surface of other worlds, or view a solar eclipse. LUniverse can take you anywhere you want to go in the Universe!

The shows are delivered by a mixture of staff and students from our Observational Astrophysics and Planetary Science research groups, who are all excited to share their enthusiasm for physics, and their expert knowledge of astronomy and astrophysics. LUniverse caters to the complete range of audiences and age groups, and is accessible to wheelchair users. It can be used for school visits, community groups, and public events.

Experience the LUniverse Planetarium

Up to 30 people can experience each LUniverse show. We can host planetarium events at Lancaster University, or we can bring the planetarium to you if you have a suitable space. The footprint of the dome is 5.5m x 7m and it requires a ceiling height of at least 3.7m. If your ceiling is close to 3.7m in height, we will need to switch off any lights above the dome. Visitors will need to take off their shoes, so an area for this is also needed. If we come to you, we will need to park one or two vehicles for the duration of our visit.

For more information or to make booking enquiries, please contact