Hello Future

At Lancaster, we don't just want you to pass your degree. We are dedicated to providing you with the best opportunities to begin your career.

Careers and personal development

Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees provide excellent employment prospects. We want you to make the best start to your career.

Amazing opportunities

“The whole experience was incredible. The aspect that we were able to contribute to science was brilliant and gave me an idea of what I want to do in the future. Even just visiting the observatory was amazing, standing between the MAGIC 1 and 2 telescopes, their sheer size was so much larger than I expected. Although the hours were unsociable and it was freezing cold, I would do it again!”
Robbie Kaiser

A wide range of career options

Physics is an exciting subject fundamental to the development of modern society. Use of the subject range from the very pure to the very applied. A Physics degree can open up a wide range of rewarding careers in scientific research and technological development, as well as in a wide variety of other professions.

Semiconductor Industries

Medical Industries

Electronic Engineering

Telecommunications Industry

Information Technology


Enhancing your prospects

Our degree schemes emphasise the development of transferable skills. These will help you in your future life, whichever career you follow.

The early careers of our students

Many of our graduates carry on with a research degree or enter employment that directly relies on their specialist skills. Many scientists originally trained in physics are working in areas such as electronic engineering, metallurgy, geology, information technology and molecular biology.

41.9% Engaged in further study, training our research
41.9% Working full-time
8.1% Working part-time
8.1% Other