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Personalised media experiences have the potential to transform the way content is created and consumed

The BBC and EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) have joined together with the University of Surrey & Lancaster University to develop the future of personalised media, and help transform the UK's media industry at scale using AI and Object-Based Media (OBM)

The ambition is to enable media experiences which adapt to individual preferences, accessibility requirements, devices and location. The partnership builds on the BBC’s pioneering work in OBM and its ability to run large-scale trials with its audience and programme content. University of Surrey’s expertise in audio-visual AI for machine understanding of captured content will allow efficient creation of personalised OBM experiences. Lancaster University’s expertise in software-defined networking will develop adaptive systems for delivery of personalised experiences to millions of people whilst maintaining cost and energy efficiency.

  • Recruitment

    We are seeking researchers to join the project and work with the academic team in Lancaster on this new exciting new project.

  • PhD Studentships

    AI4ME is a pioneering academic and industrial partnership, joining together the BBC & Lancaster University to develop the future of personalised media. We have a number of funded PhD positions across the project to work with the academic team in Lancaster in this new exciting research area.

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