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Sensor Engineering and Technology

Welcome to the Sensor Engineering and Technology Group within the School of Engineering. We aim to support industry to deliver cutting edge sensing technologies and applications. Please take some time to explore our capability and track record. We look forward to working with you.

Contact our Cluster Co-ordinator, Dr David Cheneler

Our Capability

We are a multi-disciplinary team able to address physical, chemical, biological and radiometric sensing projects with a specific USP in harsh environment and high reliability applications. Our design team has expertise in Materials, Physical Design and Interface Electronics with simulation and modelling resources including ANSYS, COMSOL, MATLAB / SIMULINK. Technologies include MEMS, Microfluidic, Electrochemical and 3D printing.

Our Offer

Our Facilities

  • 3D Printing: We can prototype devices with length scales from 10-2 to 10-5 m through our extensive 3-D printing facility
  • Sensor Design: We have extensive tool sets to support the design of physical, electrochemical and electro-magnetic sensors
  • Characterisation: We have fluidic and radiometric characterisation facilities in-house and within our partner facilities

Key People and Contacts

"Sensors are ubiquitous throughout society and industry and make technologies smarter and safer. In Engineering at Lancaster University, we have competences in many aspects of sensing, from using fundamental sciences to develop novel sensors for complex environments, advanced manufacturing and product development for the production and integration of sensors, and the interrogation and interfacing of sensors along with data analysis for smart control. We have significant experience and know-how that has allowed us to apply these competences in many fields and industries."

Dr David Cheneler, Cluster Co-ordinator

If you wish to know how we can contribute to your business or products, get in touch with David

Meet the Team

The School of Engineering at Lancaster University are a strategic partner of ULTRA Electronics. We collaborate strongly with the sensor team and strongly support this offer to the wider industrial sector

A quote from Richard McClay, CTO, Ultra Electronics

Key Competencies

Modelling, identification, prediction and control of sensors, including adaptive control design, machine learning and classification/prediction

Development and integration of:

  • Instrumentation for mechatronic design, robotics and autonomous systems including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and manipulators
  • Sensors for medical applications, environmental monitoring, structural monitoring, etc.

Design of specialist sensors and related systems, such as:

  • Radiation detectors
  • Tactile and force sensors
  • Acoustic sensors, including acoustic signal processing and control, active noise and vibration control
  • Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
  • Chemical, electrochemical and gravimetric sensors
  • Digital electronics development
  • Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) configuration
  • Image and signal processing
  • Infrared LEDs for gas sensing
  • Infrared detectors for imaging, solar cells and thermophotovoltatics

We have delivered on-line monitoring technology for inertial and electro-chemical sensors to the aerospace and environmental monitoring sector.

ST Microelectronics

We've assisted ST Microelectronics with characterization and reliability validation solutions for their inertial sensing products and carried out FMEA studies for companies including Oxley, AMS and CSR Ltd.



For short term commercial projects based around services or the procurement of custom instruments, our spin-out companies can assist.

  • enablingMNT UK Ltd

    enablingMNT UK Ltd Is a commercial spin-out specialising in Micro & Nano Systems enablingMNT offers commercialisation studies associated with sensors and sensor systems.

  • Hybrid Instruments Ltd

    Hybrid Instruments Ltd is a spin-out of the engineering department and a provider of bespoke Neutron Monitoring solutions and MCA systems.

Recent Projects


We've assisted BCF-Designs by developing both acoustic and reflectometry based sensors for aircraft wiring systems, opening the potential for products based around built-in test solutions.

Related ERDF programmes

We can also provide access to funded support through our European Regional Development Fund projects and a range of other funding sources to support collaboration. Contact our Partnerships and Business Engagement Manager Mike Entwistle find out more.

Further engagement we can offer