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Digital Humanities

Research Activity

This is an exciting time for Digital and Spatial Humanities at Lancaster with a new Digital Hub creating an interdisciplinary MA programme across departments (Sally Bushell is the lead for English along with History and Linguistics) and a bespoke Digital Humanities space being created in the new Library extension (opens 2020).

The department also has a number of innovative digital projects in both English Literature and Creative Writing, all funded by the AHRC. Sally Bushell leads the Chronotopic Cartographies project (2017-20) which generates map visualisations from literary texts and creates new ways of reading literary space through the digital medium). Sally Bushell also leads on LITCRAFT: a literacy project for reluctant readers, creating scale models of literary worlds in Minecraft with linked educational resources. Sharon Ruston has followed up her major project on Sir Humphry Davy by working with 487 participants on crowdsourcing transcriptions of Humphry Davy’s notebooks and will expand and complete this transcription project with an AHRC Research Grant. Sara Wasson has created an online database of 'flash' illness writing from 85 participants for the Translating Chronic Pain network. Paul Farley is working with Andrew MacRae at Exeter University on a national community arts project locating the Places of Poetry in England.


Crowdsourced Transcriptions of Humphry Davy's Notebooks
11/03/2019 → 10/12/2019

The Places of Poetry: a community arts project
03/12/2018 → 30/11/2019