Early findings and dissemination (1996)

Key events:

  • Early findings reported at conferences;
  • AK discussion document on interview analysis, March;
    Interview Analysis discussion paper
  • Exhibition curated by Veronica Low, Screen Studies Conference, Glasgow, June;
  • Appointment of project secretary, Joan Simpson;
  • Construction of QD coding frame; QDA analysis of interview transcripts and other materials begins;
  • Funded period ends November.

Selected conferences, keynotes, public lectures:

CrossRoads Conference

  • ‘Historiographies and national cinema cultures: a methodological debate’, Society for Cinema Studies, Dallas, March;
  • ‘Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain’, Screen Studies Conference, Glasgow, July. Plenary with VB (‘Place, space and cinema memory’), June;
  • ‘Historical reception studies and memory work’, Archaeology of the Moving Image, UIMP, Valencia, July;
  • ‘Unlocked doors’ (VB), Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Tampere, Finland, July.
  • ‘Memories of cinemagoing in Glasgow’, Moving Memories: Oral History and Film, Museum of London, October.

Radio and television:

Rendezvous at the Roxy, BBC Scotland (copy being sourced).


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Kuhn, A. (1996). ‘Cinema Culture and Femininity in the 1930s’, in Christine Gledhill and Gillian Swanson (eds.), Nationalising Femininity (Manchester: Manchester University Press).