CCINTB Project

CCINTB interview audio tapes

The Cinema Memory and the Digital Archive project builds on Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain (CCINTB), a pioneering and unique nationwide inquiry into cinemagoing and everyday life in the interwar years that was conducted by Annette Kuhn, Professor and Research Fellow in Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London.

Deposited in Special Collections at Lancaster University Library, the CCINTB collection includes:

  • Over 170 hours of in-depth interviews with 1930s cinemagoers living in four areas of mainland Britain;
  • Some 315 questionnaires completed by 1930s cinemagoers from across the UK;
  • Over 500 letters, essays and written memoirs received from interviewees and questionnaire respondents;
  • Over 200 items of cinemagoing memorabilia and artefacts from the 1930s (diaries, postcard collections, scrapbooks, cinema programmes, posters, magazines), mostly donated by informants.

To help visitors gain an appreciation of the steps taken that led to the existence of the current project, we have developed a timeline which highlights key events from 1991 to 2018, providing a contextualised record of relevant conferences, publications and other documentation.

Timeline (prior to CMDA project)