Personal Photographs

Photographs donated by Peggy Kent

Two photographs donated by Peggy Kent of herself and her friends from the laundry, taken on Corton Beach, Lowestoft:

  • Lying in a circle on the sand, having recently seen Esther Williams in a film (PK-95-215PH001);
  • Peggy Kent (marked with an ‘X’) and friends from the laundry in Busby Berkley style.  ‘Corton Laundry Beauties!’ handwritten on back of photograph. (PK-95-215PH002);


Photographs donated by Sheila McWhinnie
Four photographs donated by Sheila McWhinnie, showing members of staff from the New Star cinema, Maryhill, Glasgow (1938):

  • in an Ovaltine promotion (SM-92-004PH01);
  • two page boys, the projectionist, Sheila McWhinnie as cashier (middle) and an usherette (SM-92-004PH02);
  • two page boys, Sheila McWhinnie as cashier (far left) and two usherettes (SM-92-004PH03);
  • a page boy, the projectionist and Sheila McWhinnie as cashier (SM-92-004PH04).

Note: You can listen to Mrs McWhinnie talking about these photographs during her interview with Valentina Bold in 1994 here or use the audio-synced version available on her home page: