Picturegoer Postcard Collection

Welcome to our collection of postcards (DH-95-034PC01-162), most of which originate from Picturegoer magazine’s Postcard Club and were donated by Denis Houlston. Mr Houlston joined the ‘Picturegoer Postcard Club’ in the early 1930s and donated nearly 200 of these postcards to Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain. The postcards depict the top stars of the day, including Laurel and Hardy, Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Gracie Fields, and Rin Tin Tin, amongst others. A small number of the cards have been hand-coloured, a process that was carried out by the manufacturer rather than the donor.

Technical details: All postcards were scanned 1200dpi into an uncompressed TIFF format. For the benefit of faster browsing and limiting your data usage, the versions presented here are rendered as high-quality JPEGS with a height or width of 1000 pixels, with higher resolution versions available on Lancaster Digital Collections.

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Portrait format Postcards


Landscape format Postcards