CCINTB’s Questionnaires

Sample Question Sheet

Several question sheets and questionnaires were devised during the course of the project, with purposes including jogging people’s memories about their early cinemagoing and suggesting possible areas for interview to gathering data and presenting findings.

Scanned copies of all questionnaires are available to view via the ‘Participant Attribute Search‘ on the CMDA database, with separate identifiers used to differentiate the various types as indicated below:

  • PQ: ‘Popular Cinema in the 1930s’ questionnaire (1992)
  • CQ: ‘Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain’ questionnaire (1994)
  • GQ: Postal Questionnaire (1995)
  • DQ: Diagnostic Questionnaire (1995)
  • TQ: ‘Tarzan’ Questionnaire (2000)
  • SQ: ‘Snow White’ Questionnaire (2007)

1. ‘Popular Cinema in the 1930s’ Questionnaire (PQ)
‘Popular Cinema in the 1930s’ was a single sheet questionnaire created to coincide with a screening and discussion event at Glasgow Film Theatre in December 1992. It was handed out to audience members and also mailed to people who responded to Annette Kuhn’s calls for interest in Glasgow’s local media. Many of CCINTB’s Glasgow interviewees were brought to our attention in this way.
Sample ‘Popular Cinema in the 1930s’ Questionnaire

2. ‘Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain’ Questionnaire (CQ)
This was a single sheet questionnaire drawing on (1) and dating from 1994. Completed by individuals expressing interest in taking part in the project, it was used in making initial contact with potential informants across the four fieldwork locations.
Sample ‘Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain’ Questionnaire

3. Postal Questionnaire (GQ)
This seven-page questionnaire was used for postal surveys conducted in May 1995 (Deanna Durbin pictured on the cover) and December 1995 (Edward G Robinson pictured on the cover). The data from these questionnaires was coded and analysed using SPSS, and an article setting out the findings published in the Historical Journal of Radio, Film and Television (1999).[1] See Annette’s blog post for further discussion.
Sample Postal Questionnaire

4. Diagnostic Questionnaire (DQ)
A slightly condensed version of (3), with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on the cover, used informally by Research Fellow Valentina Bold as a memory prompt for participants in group interviews.
Sample Diagnostic Questionnaire

5. Tarzan Questionnaire (TQ)
This was a repurposed version of (3) used in the year 2000 for a postal survey of CCINTB informants who had mentioned the Tarzan films in interviews and/or in questionnaires 1 and/or 4. The findings are included in Sarah Smith’s 2005 book, Children, Cinema and Censorship.[2]
Sample Tarzan questionnaire

6. Snow White Questionnaire (SQ)
A questionnaire created in 2007 for a small-scale survey of men and women who saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on its original UK release in 1938. An article drawing on the findings of the survey and on testimonies in the 1990s CCINTB collection was published in the Journal of British Cinema and Television, (2010).[3]
Sample Snow White questionnaire

[1] Kuhn, A. (1999). ‘Cinemagoing in Britain in the 1930s: Report of a Questionnaire Survey’, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, 19(4).
Cinemagoing in Britain in the 1930s: Report of a Questionnaire Survey
[2] Smith, Sarah J. (2005), Children, Cinema and Censorship: From Dracula to the Dead End Kids (London: I.B. Tauris).
[3] Kuhn, A. (2010). ‘Snow White in 1930s Britain’, Journal of British Cinema and Television, 7(2).
Snow White in 1930s Britain