Outputs & Outreach

Aside from maintaining the project Twitter feed (@cinema_memory), the CMDA project has undertaken a variety of online and face-to-face activities to disseminate its work, augmented by commissioned creative written, audio, and audiovisual pieces from external collaborators.

CMDA Conferences/Symposia
‘Cinema Memory: 1930s Britain and Beyond – A Symposium’, 22-23 January 2021, online.
‘From Cinema Culture to Cinema Memory’, 6-8 April 2022, Lancaster University, UK.

Conference presentations and papers
Neely, S. (2019, 30 October). Memory, Archives and Creativity, for Cinema Memory and the Digital Archive Project. Bill Douglas Cinema Museum.
Kuhn, A. (2019, 22 November). Keynote: What is Cinema Memory? Mining Memories Symposium, University College Cork.
Kuhn, A. (2020, 19 February). Cinema Memory and the Digital Archive: a genealogy. University of Sussex.
Neely, S. (2020, 19 February). Memory, Archives and Creativity, for Cinema Memory and the Digital Archive Project. University of Sussex.
Kuhn, A. (2021, 27 May). The Bridge and the Passport: Thoughts on the Remembered Cinematic Experience. HoMER Annual Conference.
Neely, S. (2021, 27 May). Cinema Memory, Sound and the Embodiment of Place. HoMER Annual Conference.
Kuhn, A. (2022, 8 April). Keynote: “A Freely Available Website, a Historically Significant Archive”. From Cinema Culture to Cinema Memory, Lancaster University.
Kuhn, A. (2022, 22 November). The Bridge and the Passport: Thoughts on the Remembered Cinematic Experience. School of Art, Media and American Studies, University of East Anglia

Peer-reviewed publications
Kuhn, A. (2021). ‘From Cinema Culture to Cinema Memory: a Conceptual and Methodological Trajectory’, in Kate Egan, Martin Smith and Jamie Terrill (eds), Researching Historical Screen Audiences: Archives, Memories and Methods (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press).
McDowell, J., & Nissen, A. (2021). A Digital Archive Is Born: Revisiting the ‘Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain’ Collection. Alphaville, (21), 144-159.

Outreach events
University of Exeter Research Seminar (October 2019)
Lancaster University Digital Humanities Forum (November 2019)
University of Sussex Research Seminar (19 February 2020)
Glasgow Creative Writing Workshops (Glasgow Women’s Library, 5 December 2020 and 15 January 2021)
Bolton Screening Event (Bolton Little Theatre, 16 October 2021)
Screening of 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘎𝘩𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘎𝘰𝘦𝘴 𝘞𝘦𝘴𝘵, with guest talk by Professor Jeffrey Richards (The Dukes Lancaster, 27 February 2022)
Lancaster Creative Writing Workshop (Lancaster University Library, 5 April 2022)
London Screening Event: London Cinemagoers and “Films From Many Nations” (Queen Mary University of London, Mile End campus, 26 May 2022)
Glasgow Screening Event: An Afternoon at the Cosmo in the 1930s (Glasgow Film Theatre, 7 October 2022)
Exhibition: “Glasgow Cinema City” — drawings by Thomas McGoran, former projectionist and CCINTB participant (Glasgow School of Art, 1-11 October 2022)

Research-themed blog posts
Kuhn, A. (2020, 23 October). A Key Aspect of CCINTB’s Research Design. CMDA Project Website.
Kuhn, A. (2021, 1 March). The Distinctive Tastes of British Cinemagoers. CMDA Project Website.
Kuhn, A. (2021, 7 June). Deanna Durbin and her British fans. CMDA Project Website.
Kuhn, A. (2021, 30 July). CCINTB’s 1995 Questionnaire Survey. CMDA Project Website.
Kuhn, A. (2022, 16 September). Chronicles of Picturegoing. CMDA Project Website.
Kuhn, A. (2023, 1 June). The Elite, the Cosy and the Cosy Bus. CMDA Project Website.

Creative works

  • Creative Writing
    La Scala Sauchiehall Street. Short story by Louise Welsh, CMDA artist in residence*
    Forthcoming in special issue of Lune: A Journal of Literary Misrule, Lancaster University’s creative writing publication (forthcoming)
  • Audio Works
    Glasgow Audio Tour and Features
    Bolton Audio Tour
    Judging Judy, Audio piece by Liz Greene, CMDA artist in residence*
  • Audiovisual Works
    Animation of Deanna Durbin dress-up doll by Jamie Terrill, CMDA Research Associate
    CINEMATIC ORGANISMS: Memories and Memorialisation. Videographic essay by Catherine Grant, CMDA artist in residence*
    Thomas McGoran. Film by Marissa Keating, CMDA artist in residence*
  • Visual Works
    Cinemas of Glasgow’s Past, A book of new drawings by Tom McGoran, former projectionist and CCINTB participant*
  • Performance
    Seeing in the Dark. Commissioned new performance piece by Imitating the Dog theatre company (29 March-24 April2022, The Dukes Lancaster;27 April-25 June 2022, Brewery Arts, Kendal; 23-24 September 2022, Lancaster Library Festival; Glasgow Film Theatre and Reid Gallery, 1-12 October 2022; 18-29 October 2022, Lightpool Festival, Blackpool)

*Premiered at ‘From Cinema Culture to Cinema Memory’ conference, 6-8 April 2022, Lancaster University; showcased at HoMER Annual Conference, Rome, 5 July 2022)

For pre-CMDA outputs, please visit the CCINTB timeline.