Photographs of the Stars

Photograph Album of 1930s Film Stars (DL-95-216PA001)
This album was donated by Doreen Lyell, and was compiled by a friend of her sister’s who lived near Hollywood in the 1930s. The photographs include studio shots and photographs of stars taken by the friend outside the studios. Visit Miss Lyell’s home page to learn more and to access her audio-synced interviews.

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Autographed Star Photographs, Letters and Postcards
Denis Houlston donated various photographs, letters and postcards autographed by stars he had written to, including:

  • A handwritten letter (DH-95-034AL01) by actress Ann Casson to Denis Houlston, enclosing a photograph of herself (DH-95-034PC164) that he had requested. The letter was sent from the Prince of Wales Theatre Birmingham in 1933, where Casson starred in the play ‘Service’, written by Dodie Smith;
  • A typed and signed letter (DH-95-034AL02) by actress Anna Neagle to Denis Houlston, enclosing a signed photograph of herself (DH-95-034AG02) requested by Mr Houlston. The letter was sent from the British and Dominion Studios in 1933, where Neagle was filming ‘The Little Damozel’ and ‘Bitter Sweet’, among other films.
  • A signed photograph from Robert Donat (DH-95-034AG04);
  • A signed photograph from Elisabeth Welch (DH-95-034AG16).