Plenary and AHRC bid for CMDA submitted (2018)

Key event:

AHRC bid: ‘Cinema Memory and the Digital Archive: 1930s Britain and Beyond’, submitted June.


  • ‘Film history, cultural memory and the experience of cinema’. Opening plenary panel: New Cinema History: Where Next? HoMER, Amsterdam, June;
  • ‘Cinema memory and the digital archive’, NECS, Amsterdam, June.

Video-recorded interview:

Fieldnotes: Annette Kuhn interviewed by Catherine Grant from SCMS on Vimeo.


Toffell, Gil. (2018). Jews, Cinema and Public Life in Interwar Britain (London: Palgrave Macmillan).

Note: Gil Toffell consulted the CCINTB interviews of Rosalind Avadis and Maurice Bloom for this book.