Students on the rim of Mount Etna's crater

Mount Etna, Sicily

Visit Europe’s largest active volcano, Mount Etna, and study the complex processes that take place both on the surface and beneath volcanoes.

During this intensive week-long field course, you will explore a number of the physical volcanic processes that take place, including lava flow emplacement, explosive events and the evolution of a basaltic volcano. In addition, you will evaluate methods of managing volcanic hazards on heavily populated active volcanoes.

Dr Mike James, who leads the trip, says “Through spending time on a large active volcano, students can develop a first-hand appreciation of the real magnitude of volcanic processes. Whilst walking over recent deposits such as lava flows, we study how they were formed, linking the surface and sub-surface processes involved and considering the interactions between hazards, infrastructure and communities.”

If you opt to take Study Abroad year, modules and field courses available for year 2 will be chosen from your host university. The fieldwork options available are subject to pre-requisites.

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