Local field excursions

Nestled between the Lake District World Heritage Site, Yorkshire Dales National Park, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and nearby to major cities such as Manchester, Lancaster is ideally placed to study ecological, environmental, geographical and socioeconomic processes.

Blackpool Zoo

Learn about conservation efforts and how conservation priorities are determined in a visit to Blackpool Zoo in your first year.


Develop your glaciology field skills during a first-year trip to Kingsdale in the local Yorkshire Dales.


Unravel the geological history of the area and learn geoscience techniques as part of a second-year module at the Heysham coastline.

Museum of Science and Industry

Discover the links between fossil fuels and the Industrial Revolution and their impacts on our climate during a third-year trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Manchester and Salford

Critically explore how the physical infrastructure of Salford and Manchester is experienced by different groups of people.

Lancaster Water Treatment Works

Learn first-hand how and why wastewater is treated before being released into the environment during a third-year trip to the local treatment works. Photo from Google Maps.