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Residents' Handbook

A complete guide to living in Lancaster University Accommodation

Welcome to Lancaster

We hope that you will enjoy your time in our accommodation. Take advantage of the facilities on offer and make the most of it! Please take the time to read through this handbook as it contains information that you will find useful during your stay, as well as what you should expect from us and what we expect of you.

The Agreement you accept is a legal contract between you and the University which lays out your obligations and the University’s obligations, so be sure to read the Terms and Conditions as well to fully understand your obligations.

Accreditation & Awards

We aim to provide you with a great collegiate experience and conform to both local and national standards.

The Student Accommodation Code

Our accommodation is approved by the Universities UK Code of Practice, which aims to ensure that students enjoy good quality accommodation. The Code ensures that residents benefit from adherence to clear policies and procedures relating to health and safety, maintenance, the environment, contractual responsibilities, support services, antisocial behaviour and complaints. For more details see

Award-winning accommodation

Lancaster University’s accommodation team have previously won the ‘Best Customer Service’ award at the National Student Housing Awards, as well as an outstanding achievement award from the University itself. Our accommodation was named ‘Best University Halls’ eight times in the annual National Student Housing Survey, which has now been superseded by the Global Student Living Index.

Lancaster University Homes

The University's own approval scheme sets the standard for property management and provision in the city, whether managed by us or the private sector. When you come to look for student accommodation throughout your time be sure to choose approved through Lancaster University Homes, and see our website for full details and the property list.

Contact us

Our Accommodation Managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of the accommodation and are locally based in the colleges themselves. They can help you before you arrive and throughout your stay, with any aspects of the accommodation or life within it. You can find their email addresses and phone numbers on our contact details page.


Our accommodation is fully furnished but you will need to bring your own bedding, towels, cutlery, crockery, saucepans and toiletries. Toilet rolls are not provided in ensuite rooms, though there will be one there when you arrive. More details can be found on our accommodation site.

Facilities Accordion

Arriving and moving in

You can normally collect your keys from 10.00am on the day your contract begins, and we’ll invite you by email to complete an online inventory for your room and any communal areas that you have access to soon after. Let us know about anything that’s missing or damaged so that we can fix anything that needs fixing and protect your deposit from any deductions when you leave. If you don’t complete the relevant inventories we will assume everything is okay.


For security reasons you should remove any key identification tags on arrival and re-attach it only when you leave. For security reasons you are not permitted to have copies of your keys made. If you lose them the Porter will let you in but you must contact your Accommodation Manager within two days to arrange for a new set. There is a charge for this, and for lost/damaged key fobs, which is considerably higher if we consider it necessary to replace your lock as well.


If you have an urgent problem at night or during the weekend, are taken ill or involved in an accident, contact your Porter, or Security direct on 01524 594541. The emergency services can be called by dialling 999.

If an emergency repair is required (and if you can’t access a computer), let your Porter know.


You can connect to the internet and IT network in your accommodation via eduroam Wi-Fi, or via the high-speed wired network using an ethernet cable.

Details of all the IT services available can be found in the Digital and IT section of ASK in your Portal.

Problem reporting

In the online IT Help Centre, you can report if you have a problem with Wi-Fi or a problem with the wired IT network in your room. Alternatively, you can contact IT support via live online chat.

Please note that you cannot connect a wireless access point, hub, switch or router to the network in your room unless the University has granted you permission as an exceptional case.

Television, TV licences and online content

If you watch TV - including online – you’ll need to buy a licence. Without one, you could be prosecuted and fined. Please note that TV reception in some areas of the campus is variable.

You must not download, stream or view any copyrighted material that hasn’t been paid for by you or the service you’re using. That includes via peer-to-peer file sharing services which use your device to redistribute material, breaching UK copyright legislation and the University’s Computer User Agreement (CUA). The University is alerted to such activity and pursues it as a disciplinary offence.

Mobile Phones

Mobile reception varies by network across campus and cannot be guaranteed; however, there is a good Wi-Fi service across campus. If you have any problems with your mobile phone signal please report it to your service provider.

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Connected accommodation

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Cleaning

    Our accommodation with shared facilities enjoys a cleaning service on weekdays. Take a look at what's included with your accommodation, as well as reading about what we expect of you here.

  • Maintenance

    Our technicians proactively look after the buildings and respond to any faults you may report through the year. You can find out how to report something and read about our planned maintenance programme here.

Health & Harmony

  • Living with others

    Life on campus has many advantages and our college communities should be a comfortable home for everyone. Be aware that everyone is different though and follow these basic principles to make for a harmonious experience.

  • Health & Support

    Going to university is a challenging and exciting experience but some people will need to drawn on our support network for different reasons during the course of a year. Find out about health services, campus safety and student support here.

  • Emergency Management

    The University has an Emergency management Plan which covers a range of unforeseeable scenarios, from power outages and loss of mains water, to fires and terrorist activity. Here's what you can expect and how we will communicate with you.

Payment of Accommodation Fees

We will email you an invoice shortly before you arrive and you can monitor your payments in the online payment portal. Accommodation Fees are payable termly in advance, and late payment without a valid reason agreed by your Accommodation Manager in advance will incur penalty charges.

Contract matters

Your contract is binding in its entirety even if you choose to leave early. Release from it may be possible if you withdraw or intercalate, or if you find a replacement that is acceptable to us. If you have other grounds you wish to be considered, talk to your Accommodation Manager about putting a case together.

Note that returning your keys does not mean the Agreement has ended.

Full details about your accommodation fees - including the due dates - can be found on your Agreement Summary, and in sections 7, 29-32, and Schedule Two of the Terms and Conditions. More information about contract releases can be found in sections 7.2, 7.3, 27 & 28.

Note that we are unable to offer accommodation to returning students in debt to the University.

Fire Safety

Everyone's safety is of paramount importance to us, and our accommodation is built to a high safety specification. You have a number of responsibilities yourself as a resident, from cooking safely and keeping corridors clear, to not bringing dangerous items inside and taking each alarm activation seriously. Do familiarise yourself with all the information on our fire safety page.

Fire safety

Environment & Sustainability

The University is committed to reducing its carbon footprint with a variety of initiatives that range from running our own wind turbine to energy saving contests between different accommodation blocks.

We encourage you to think about how your actions impact on the environment, and to save energy wherever you can.

Our kitchens are equipped with recycling bins that make it easy for residents to sort their rubbish in to streams that can be recycled. See our sustainability pages for more details.


Most colleges have secure bike storage for resident students - see your Accommodation Manager for access. There are  further bike racks all over campus. For details about cycling in the area, the frequent bus services and car parking, take a look at our travel pages. Note that electric scooters and skateboards are not permitted on campus.


When you leave

When you leave the accommodation you will need to leave it clean and tidy - as you found it - in order to protect your deposit. Be sure to clean and vacuum your room (including ensuite bathroom if you have one), and leave any communal areas clean and tidy.

You will normally need to have moved out, locked your room and returned the keys to the Porters’ Lodge by 10.00am on the last day of your contract. See section 15 of the Terms and Conditions for more.

Note that if you choose to leave early, you are still jointly responsible for any communal areas until the end of the contract.

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