All Change for the Future

An artistic rendering of the Earth from space

From smooth running of the internet to the safety of space travel statistical research unlocks global potential

The torrent of data now being collected in everyday life makes it more and more complex – yet increasingly essential – to search for and identify changes in the data.

Tools to do this can transform everything from online shopping and environmental monitoring to the healthcare technologies that support independent living.

Fundamental research carried out by the Changepoints and Time Series research group, accompanied by the development of open-source software, has revolutionised the detection of changes within data streams and is already having significant impact across a wide range of sectors.

  • Working with BT to assure nationwide operational performance of critical digital infrastructure, including the connection of all customers to the Internet and other content and network providers.
  • Improving online grocery retail forecasting and efficiency for Tesco, resulting in substantial directly attributable cost savings.
  • Enabling the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology to work with improved environmental data, including the monitoring and remediation of water quality in the English Lake District.
  • Supporting future space travel – methods have been incorporated by NASA within a test protocol for new survival suit operation.
  • Incorporation by numerical computing environment providers NAG and MathWorks – plus open-source environments – giving access to millions of users in Government agencies, tech startups, FTSE100 & NASDAQ corporations