Dr Mandy Dillon

Senior Research Development Manager

Professional Role

Senior Research Development Manager - Natural and Plant Life Sciences

My role is to support academic staff to apply for large and/or strategically significant external funding opportunities across the university. My focus is primarily on natural and plant based life sciences across the four faculities however I may also support work in other disciplinary areas as required. Funding can be national or international and covers a wide range of funders including: GCRF, NERC, BBSRC, H2020, DFID, NEWTON, DEFRA, ISCF, British Council and other UKRI funders.

Along with my colleagues in the SRDM team I also support strategic research activities at an institutional level working closely with faculty ADRs and Pro-Vice Chancellors Stephen Decent and Sue Black.

I am a point of contact for GCRF, H2020 and other international research strategy areas.