Lancaster University Consultancy Services (LUCS)

Providing consultancy services for academics at Lancaster University and beyond.

Changes to Consultancy

The way that consultancy is supported at Lancaster University is changing. Read More

LUCS is a not-for-profit wholly owned subsidiary of Lancaster University. LUCS was created in 2009 to protect all staff in the University when they undertake private consultancy and wish to benefit from insurance cover at the same level as the University provides to staff undertaking university duties.

LUCS provides a service to all members of staff at the University to assist them if they have chosen to channel any private consultancy (see definition immediately below) they propose to undertake through LUCS. The principal aim of LUCS’ assistance is to help staff at the University in facilitating private consultancy contracts in their area of expertise to clients across the globe. Such assistance will at all times be consistent with the University policy on outside professional activities (Ref PS/98/791) and its financial regulations (Nov 2009). The financial regulations are detailed further in the Appendices Document.

Defining Consultancy

Consultancy is defined as the provision of expert advice given on the basis of existing knowledge in a professional capacity by members of staff to Outside Bodies. The purpose of the consultancy is to provide an opinion based on the member of staff’s know how and existing expertise. The consultancy will be undertaken by a member of staff under a contract with a third party.


Reasons for using LUCS

Below are some of the reasons you may wish to use LUCS when you carry out a private consultancy project:

  • Availability of the University’s liability and indemnity insurance
  • University assistance in costing and pricing a consultancy project
  • Provision of LUCS’ template consultancy contract
  • Use of university facilities and resources
  • LUCS will invoice the client
  • Payment to staff (on receipt of full funds from the client)

Should you choose not to use LUCS when you carry out a private consultancy project and proceed with a consultancy project, this will become a wholly private consultancy project and you will need to be aware of the following:

  • The University’s liability and indemnity insurance will not be available to you. You may need to purchase liability and indemnity insurance.
  • The University will not provide assistance when costing and pricing a wholly private consultancy project.
  • Use of university facilities and resources will not be permitted.
  • LUCS will not provide assistance with contract negotiation and invoicing the client.

Useful Documents

A list of documents which may be useful to you during the consultancy process may be found here.

Contact Us

If you wish to make use of the services provided by LUCS, contact:

ire Nolan
Head of Research and Enterprise Contracts

T: +44 (0)1524 592164