Ann Kretzschmar

Researcher, Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

My PhD project uses Inverse Hydrology in the form of regularisation of a cotinuous time transfer function model (identified using data based mechanistic modelling techniques) to infer catchment rainfall. The temporal resolution of the resulting rainfall sequence has been investigated using spectral analysis and future work includes investigation of spatial rainfall patterns and identification of data that provides disinformation to the modelling process. Identification of disinformative data may help reduce the uncertainty in forecast made using the models identified.

Utilising Reverse Hydrology to quantify and improve the spatio-temporal information content of catchment rainfall estimates for flood modelling
Kretzschmar, A. 2017 Lancaster University. 288 p.
Doctoral Thesis

What really happens at the end of the rainbow?: paying the price for reducing uncertainty (using reverse hydrology models)
Kretzschmar, A., Tych, W., Chappell, N.A., Beven, K.J. 24/08/2016 In: Procedia Engineering. 154, p. 1333-1340. 8 p.
Journal article

Reversing hydrology: quantifying the temporal aggregation effect of catchment rainfall estimation using sub-hourly data
Kretzschmar, A., Tych, W., Chappell, N., Beven, K. 06/2016 In: Hydrology Research. 47, 3, p. 630-645. 16 p.
Journal article

Reversing hydrology: estimation of sub-hourly rainfall time-series from streamflow
Kretzschmar, A., Tych, W., Chappell, N.A. 10/2014 In: Environmental Modelling and Software. 60, p. 290-301. 12 p.
Journal article