Ellen McGowan

Associate Lecturer, PhD student

Current Research

Ellen is a NERC funded PhD student

Volcanic explosivity is influenced by the magmatic water content. For instance, an eruption may be explosive if water is retained within the magma, whereas effusive activity may occur if water escapes from the magma. The aim of my research is to gain insight into how magmatic water escapes from magma. To address this aim I am conducting micro- to macro-scale analysis of the textures and magmatic water content in Icelandic rhyolitic dykes.

Brittle-ductile magma deformation and explosive-effusive behaviour: insight from Icelandic rhyolitic dykes
McGowan, E., Tuffen, H., James, M., Wynn, P. 22/07/2015

Pressure changes before and after explosive rhyolitic bomb ejection at Chaiten, Chile recorded by water diffusion profiles around Tuffisite veins
McGowan, E., Tuffen, H., Castro, J., Berlo, K., James, M., Owen, J., Schipper, C.I., Wadsworth, F., Saubin, E., Wehbe, K. 2015