Dr Emma Ferranti

Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

Emma has research interests in air quality and synoptic climatology. She is currently working as a Research Associate on the Breathe Easier project, which centres on the adaption and redesign of a directional passive air pollution sampler so that it may be deployed to measure particulates, ammonia, and radioactive dusts, within a regulatory context. Emma has previous air quality experience as a research consultant at AEA Energy & Environment. For her PhD Emma combined synoptic climatological and GIS techniques to investigate climatic processes and patterns in upland Cumbria, NW England, and on the sub-polar island of South Georgia.

Field-testing a new directional passive air sampler for fugitive dust in a complex industrial source environment
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Journal article

Daily irradiance and sunshine hours in North West England: a consultancy report undertaken for Placefirst
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Commissioned report

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Journal article

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Using Conditional Analysis to Investigate Spatial and Temporal patterns in Upland Rainfall
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Journal article

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Journal article

Developing topographic descriptors to study orographic processes under a changing climate.
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Conference paper

An Investigation into the Origins of a Series of PM10 Anomalies at a Remote Location in NW England.
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Journal article