Dr Jacqueline Owen

Senior Research Associate

Research Overview

I study the degassing of subglacial volcanic systems in Iceland. My PhD was based at the rhyolite central volcano Torfajökull. We reconstructed palaeo-ice thicknesses and determined the role of volatiles in determining how explosive the eruptions were. Now I am doing a post-doc on the 1918 eruption of Katla. We will look at the way in which Katla degassed and interacted with the overlying ice. Hopefully, by understanding what was controlling explosivity in the 1918 eruption we can help to mitigate and plan for the next eruption.

Why it is important to improve our understanding of Katla
Owen, J., Tuffen, H. 8/01/2014

Pre-eruptive volatile content, degassing paths and depressurisation explaining the transition in style at the subglacial rhyolitic eruption of Dalakvísl, South Iceland
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Journal article

Explosive subglacial rhyolitic eruptions in Iceland are fuelled by high magmatic H2O and closed system degassing.
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Journal article

Volatiles in Icelandic subglacial rhyolite
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Doctoral Thesis

Using dissolved H2O in rhyolitic glasses to estimate palaeo-ice thickness during a subglacial eruption at Bláhnúkur (Torfajökull, Iceland).
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Journal article

Measurement of volatile concentrations in volcanic glasses using thermogravimetric analysis: comparison with micro-analytical methods
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Reconstructing palaeo-ice thicknesses: on what type of volcano can the magma degassing technique be used?
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What controls the explosivity of subglacial rhyolite in Iceland?
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Rhyolite eruptions under ice: an interconnected web of volatiles, pressure, degassing, and eruptive behaviour
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Journal article

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