Katharine Howell

PhD student

Research Overview

My work explores the gender dynamics of agrarian change and agricultural interventions. My project, based on fieldwork with rural communities in northern Mozambique, is an attempt to build bridges between the often disconnected worlds of agricultural science and policy, and critical theory (and practice) from postcolonial and feminist studies. I'm also interested in creative and visual ways of communicating research, decolonising research and encouraging greater honesty about ethics, errors and mental health in academia.

You can read more about my research and my fieldwork in Mozambique at www.wildpigsandwatermelons.wordpress.com and I tweet @KR_Howell

I also work for the secretariat of POLLEN, the Political Ecology Network.

'When you leave, they will kill me': Navigating politics in and of the field in northern Mozambique
Howell, K. 24/07/2017 In: XXVII European Society for Rural Sociology Conference – Final proceedings. European Society for Rural Sociology p. 146-147. 2 p. Electronic ISBN: 9788394777500.
Conference contribution

Alternate wetting and drying irrigation maintained rice yields despite half the irrigation volume, but is currently unlikely to be adopted by smallholder lowland rice farmers in Nepal
Howell, K., Shrestha, P., Dodd, I. 07/2015 In: Food and Energy Security. 4, 2, p. 144-157. 14 p.
Journal article