Kelly Heys

PhD student

Imaging cervical cytology with scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) coupled with an IR-FEL
Halliwell, D., Morais, C.L.M., Gomes De Lima, K.M., Trevisan, J., Siggel-King, M.R.F., Craig, T., Ingham, J., Martin, D.S., Heys, K., Kyrgiou, M., Mitra, A., Paraskevaidis, E., Theophilou, G., Martin-Hirsch, P.L., Cricenti, A., Luce, M., Weightman, P., Martin, F.L. 12/07/2016 In: Scientific Reports. 6, 11 p.
Journal article

Risk assessment of environmental mixture effects
Heys, K., Shore, R.F., Pereira, M.G., Jones, K.C., Martin, F.L. 9/05/2016 In: RSC Advances. 2016, 53, p. 47844-47857. 14 p.
Journal article

Spatial and temporal age-related spectral alterations in benign human breast tissue
Theophilou, G., Fogarty, S., Trevisan, J., Strong, B., Heys, K., Patel, I., Stringfellow, H.F., Martin-Hirsch, P.L., Martin, F.L. 15/02/2016 In: Journal of Molecular Structure. 1106, p. 390-398. 9 p.
Journal article

Using Fourier transform IR spectroscopy to analyze biological materials
Baker, M.J., Trevisan, J., Bassan, P., Bhargava, R., Butler, H.J., Dorling, K.M., Fielden, P.R., Fogarty, S.W., Fullwood, N.J., Heys, K.A., Hughes, C., Lasch, P., Martin-Hirsch, P.L., Obinaju, B., Sockalingum, G.D., Sulé-Suso, J., Strong, R., Walsh, M.J., Wood, B.R., Gardner, P., Martin, F.L. 08/2014 In: Nature Protocols. 9, 8, p. 1771-1791. 21 p.
Journal article

Mid-infrared spectroscopic assessment of nanotoxicity in gram-negative vs. gram-positive bacteria
Heys, K.A., Riding, M.J., Strong, R.J., Shore, R.F., Pereira, M.G., Jones, K.C., Semple, K.T., Martin, F.L. 7/03/2014 In: The Analyst. 139, 5, p. 896-905. 10 p.
Journal article