Dr Niko Kampman


Research Overview

My research examines fluid-rock interactions and the behaviour of geological fluids, with a focus on the subsurface storage of anthropogenic wastes (e.g. geological CO2 storage) and subsurface natural resource extraction (e.g. CO2-EOR). I am also interested in the interactions of climate, tectonics and crustal fluid-flow and the long-term degassing of volatiles from the continental crust. I combine element and isotopic (e.g. δ13C, δ18O, δ34S, 87Sr/86Sr, U-Th,234U/238U, 3He/4He) measurements of rocks, fluids and gases with simple physical modelling to examine these processes.

Drilling and sampling a natural CO2 reservoir: implications for fluid flow and CO2-fluid–rock reactions during CO2 migration through the overburden
Kampman, N., Bickle, M., Maskell, A., Chapman, H., Evans, J. 13/03/2014 In: Chemical Geology. 369, p. 51-82. 32 p.
Journal article

Fluid flow and CO2–fluid–mineral interactions during CO2-storage in sedimentary basins
Kampman, N., Bickle, M., Wigley, M., Dubacq, B. 13/03/2014
Scientific review

Scientific drilling and downhole fluid sampling of a natural CO2 reservoir, Green River, Utah
Kampman, N., Maskell, A., Bickle, M., Evans, J., Schaller, M., Purser, G., Zhou, Z., Gattacceca, J., Peitre, E., Rochelle, C., Ballentine, C., Busch, A. 5/11/2013 In: Scientific Drilling. 16, p. 33-43. 11 p.
Journal article

In situ redeposition of trace metals mobilized by CO2-charged brines
Wigley, M., Kampman, N., Chapman, H., Dubacq, B., Bickle, M. 05/2013 In: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. 14, 5, p. 1321–1332. 12 p.
Journal article

Controls of Sluggish, CO2-promoted, Hematite and K-feldspar dissolution kinetics in sandstones
Wigley, M., Dubacq, B., Kampman, N., Bickle, M. 15/01/2013 In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 362, p. 76–87. 12 p.
Journal article

Natural analogues
Bickle, M., Kampman, N., Wigley, M. 01/2013 In: Reviews in Mineralogy. 77, 1, p. 15-71. 57 p.
Journal article

Lessons in carbon storage from geological analogues
Bickle, M., Kampman, N. 2013 In: Geology. 41, 4, p. 525-526. 2 p.
Journal article

Noble gas and carbon isotopic evidence for CO2-driven silicate dissolution in a recent natural CO2 field
Dubacq, B., Wigley, M., Bickle, M., Kampman, N., Ballentine, C., Sherwood-Lollar, B. 08/2012 In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 341–344, 10-19, p. 341-344. 4 p.
Journal article

Fluid-mineral reactions and trace metal mobilisation in an exhumed natural CO2 reservoir, Green River, Utah
Wigley, M., Kampman, N., Dubacq, B., Bickle, M. 2012 In: Geology. 40, 6, p. 555-558. 4 p.
Journal article

Pulses of carbon dioxide emissions from intracrustal faults following climatic warming
Kampman, N., Burnside, N., Shipton, Z., Chapman, H., Nicholl, J., Ellam, R., Bickle, M. 2012 In: Nature Geoscience. 5, p. 352-358. 7 p.
Journal article

Feldspar dissolution kinetics and Gibbs free energy dependence in a CO2-enriched groundwater system, Green River, Utah
Kampman, N., Bickle, M., Becker, J., Assayag, N., Chapman, H. 15/07/2009 In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 284, 3-4, p. 473-488. 16 p.
Journal article

Carbon isotopic constraints on CO2 degassing in cold-water geysers, Green River, Utah
Assayag, N., Bickle, M., Kampman, N., Becker, J. 02/2009 In: Energy Procedia. 1, 1, p. 2361-2366. 6 p.
Journal article