Dr Patrick Bigger


Research Overview

My research is on the expanding role of financial institutions and associated practices of financial management in combatting multiple, interacting environmental crises. My current work is on the creation of a global market in climate bonds, as well as debt products for biodiversity conservation. I previously worked on the creation of California's GHG emissions trading program.

Hybridity, Possibility: Degrees of Marketization in Tradeable Permit Systems
Bigger, P. 1/05/2018 In: Environment and Planning A. 50, 3, p. 512-530. 19 p.
Journal article

Rethinking the financialization of 'nature'
Ouma, S., Johnson, L., Bigger, P. 1/05/2018 In: Environment and Planning A. 50, 3, 12 p.
Special issue

Reflecting on neoliberal natures: an exchange: The ins and outs of Neoliberal natures
Bigger, P., Dempsey, J., Asiyanbi, A., Kay, K., Lave, R., Mansfield, B., Osborne, T., Robertson, M., Simon, G. 24/04/2018 In: Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space. 1, 1-2, 51 p.
Journal article

Getting Soaked?: Green muni bonds and post-crisis adaptation
Bigger, P., Millington, N. 12/04/2018
Conference paper

Weaponizing nature: the geopolitical ecology of the US Navy’s biofuel program
Bigger, P., Neimark, B.D. 09/2017 In: Political Geography. 60, p. 13-22. 10 p.
Journal article

Value is simple; valuation is complex
Bigger, P., Robertson, M. 02/2017 In: Capitalism Nature Socialism. 28, 1, p. 68-77. 10 p.
Journal article