Professor Simon Batterbury

Chair in Political Ecology

Research Overview

Simon Batterbury, inaugural Chair in Political Ecology at LEC. Also Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia. My interest is in how people sustain livelihoods and their identities in adverse environmental, political and social conditions. I'm most interested in environmental justice and struggles, and sustainable livelihoods in drylands and international development issues, led by social science investigations and the exciting interdisciplinary and multi-scalar field of political ecology, where LEC has particular strengths.

Seeking Justice through Interdisciplinary Environmental Education at Postgraduate Level: Lessons from Melbourne, Australia
Batterbury, S., Toscano, M. 18/05/2018 In: Revista Internacional de Educación para la Justicia Social. 7, 1, p. 141-156. 16 p.
Journal article

Political Ecology
Batterbury, S. 9/05/2018 In: Companion to Environmental Studies. London : Routledge p. 439-442. 4 p. ISBN: 9781138192195. Electronic ISBN: 9781315640051.

Land-grabbing in Africa
Batterbury, S., Ndi, F. 18/04/2018 In: The Routledge Handbook of African Development. London : Routledge p. 573-582. 10 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Fluid geographies: marine territorialisation and the scaling up of local aquatic epistemologies on the Pacific Coast of Colombia
Satizábal, P., Batterbury, S. 22/02/2018 In: Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. 43, 1, p. 61-78. 18 p.
Journal article

Europe’s bicycle workshops as contributors to community economies and sustainable urban transport
Batterbury, S. 1/02/2018
Other contribution

Socially just publishing: implications for geographers and their journals
Batterbury, S. 15/12/2017 In: Fennia: international journal of geography. 195, 2, p. 175-181. 6 p.
Journal article

Australia: Reclaiming the Public University?
Batterbury, S., Byrne, J. 13/07/2017 In: Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective . p. 23-33. 12 p.
Journal article

The "context" for smallholder farming is a political ecology of agrarian change
Batterbury, S. 12/07/2017
Conference paper

Land grabbing and the axis of political conflicts: insights from Southwest Cameroon
Ndi, F., Batterbury, S. 13/04/2017 In: Africa Spectrum. 52, 1, p. 33–63. 31 p.
Journal article

L’environnement dans les géographies anglophone et française: émergence, transformations et circulations de la political ecology
Kull, C.A., Batterbury, S. 23/02/2017 In: Humanités environnementales. Paris : Publications de la Sorbonne p. 117-138. 22 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Bicycle justice: community bicycle workshops and "invisible cyclists" in Brussels
Batterbury, S., Vandermeersch, I. 4/07/2016 In: Bicycle justice and urban transformation. London : Routledge p. 189-202. 14 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Long review of Scoones, Ian Sustainable rural livelihoods and rural development
Batterbury, S. 1/07/2016 In: Journal of Political Ecology. 23, 3 p.
Book/Film/Article review

Contested sites, land claims and economic development in Poum, New Caledonia
Kowasch, M., Batterbury, S., Neumann, M. 31/05/2016 In: Other people's country. London : Routledge p. 26-40. 15 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

La géographie face aux défis environnementaux dans le monde Anglophone
Kull, C.A., Batterbury, S. 1/03/2016 In: Manifeste pour une géographie environnementale: géographie, écologie, politique. Paris : les Presses de Science Po p. 227-255. 29 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Food in the city: urban food geographies and 'local' food sourcing in Melbourne and San Diego County
McGirr, H., Batterbury, S. 3/02/2016 In: Geographical Research. 54, 1, p. 3–18. 16 p.
Journal article

Ecología política: relevancia, activismo y posibilidades de cambio
Batterbury, S. 15/01/2016 In: Ecología Política. 50, p. 45-54. 10 p.
Journal article

Contested sites, land claims and economic development in Poum, New Caledonia
Kowasch, M., Batterbury, S., Neumann, M. 1/10/2015 In: Settler Colonial Studies. 5, 4, p. 302-316. 15 p.
Journal article

Land access and livelihoods in post-conflict Timor-Leste: no magic bullets
Batterbury, S., Palmer, L.R., Reuter, T.R., do Amaral de Carvalho, D., Kehi, B., Cullen, A. 18/09/2015 In: International Journal of the Commons. 9, 2, p. 619-647. 29 p.
Journal article

"We live from mother nature": neoliberal globalization, commodification, the 'war on drugs', and biodiversity in Colombia since the 1990s
Chavez-Agudelo, J.M., Batterbury, S., Beilin, R. 10/07/2015 In: SAGE Open. 5, 3, p. 1-15. 15 p.
Journal article

Who are the radical academics today?
Batterbury, S. 30/06/2015 In: The Winnower.
Journal article

Doing political ecology inside and outside the academy
Batterbury, S. 1/06/2015 In: International Handbook of Political Ecology. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar p. 27-43. 17 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Perceptions of climate variability, and dairy farmer adaptations in Corangamite Shire, Victoria, Australia
Elgin-Stuczynski, I.R., Batterbury, S. 1/02/2014 In: International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management. 6, 1, p. 85-107. 23 p.
Journal article

Human research ethics committees: beyond critique to participation
Batterbury, S. 2014 In: The Australian Journal of Anthropology. 25, 3, p. 385-386 . 2 p.
Journal article

Adapting to drought in the West African Sahel
Batterbury, S., Mortimore, M.J. 1/06/2013 In: Natural Disasters and Adaptation to Climate Change. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press p. 149-157. 9 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Les réseaux illégaux du pillage: la demande globale de bois et la re)commercialisation des forêts d’Afrique de l’Ouest
van der Horst, G., Munro, P., Batterbury, S. 1/06/2011 In: Ecologie et Politique. 42, p. 47-58. 12 p.
Journal article

Tenure or permanent contracts in North American higher education?: A critical assessment
Batterbury, S. 1/06/2008 In: Policy Futures in Education. 6, 3, p. 286-297. 12 p.
Journal article

Global desertification: building a science for dryland development
Reynolds, J., Stafford-Smith, D., Lambin, E., Turner II, B., Mortimore, M.J., Batterbury, S., Downing, T., Dowlatabadi, H., Fernandez, R., Herrick, J., Huber-Sannwald, E., Jiang, H., Leemans, R., Lynam, T., Maestre, F., Walker, B., Ayarza, M. 15/05/2007 In: Science. 316, 5826, p. 847-851. 4 p.
Journal article