Professor Julio Louzada

Professor (in Practice)

Research Overview

I work with tropical ecosystems, especially with Brazilian forests and savannas, assessing how land use changes can model the biodiversity and its associated ecosystem functions. My model group are the dung beetles, but have also worked with ants and community ecology in general.

Do space-for-time assessments underestimate the impacts of logging on tropical biodiversity?: an Amazonian case study using dung beetles
Machado Franca, F., Louzada, J.N., Korasaki, V., Griffiths, H., Silveira, J.M., Barlow, B.J. 08/2016 In: Journal of Applied Ecology. 53, 4, p. 1098-1105. 8 p.
Journal article

Anthropogenic disturbance in tropical forests can double biodiversity loss from deforestation
Barlow, B.J., Lennox, G.D., Ferreira, J., De Berenguer Cesar, E., Lees, A.C., Mac Nally, R., Thomson, J.R., de Barros Ferraz, S.F., Louzada, J.N., Fonseca Oliveira, V.H., Parry, L.T.W., de Castro Solar, R.R., Guimaraes Vieira, I.C., Aragao, L.E.O.C., Begotti, R.A., Braga, R.F., Cardoso, T.M., de Oliveira Junior, R.C., Souza, C., de Moura, N.G., Serra Nunes, S., Siqueira, J.V., Pardini, R., Silveira, J., Vaz-de-Mello, F.Z. 29/06/2016 In: Nature. 535, 7610, 4 p.

Assessing the importance of intraspecific variability in dung beetle functional traits
Griffiths, H., Louzada, J.N., Bardgett, R.D., Barlow, B.J. 3/03/2016 In: PLoS ONE. 11, 3, 14 p.
Journal article

A multi-taxa assessment of biodiversity change after single and recurrent wildfires in a Brazilian Amazon forest
Silveira, J., Louzada, J.N., Barlow, B.J., de Andrade, R.B., Mestre, L.A.M., Ribeiro de Castro Solar, R., Lacau, S., Cochrane, M.A. 03/2016 In: Biotropica. 48, 2, p. 170-180. 11 p.
Journal article

First report on dung beetles in intra-Amazonian savannahs in Roraima, Brazil
França, F.M., Korasaki, V., Louzada, J.N., Vaz-de-Mello, F.Z. 16/02/2016 In: Biota Neotropica. 16, 1, 8 p.
Journal article

How pervasive is biotic homogenization in human‐modified tropical forest landscapes?
Solar, R.R.C., Barlow, B.J., Ferreira, J., De Berenguer Cesar, E., Lees, A.C., Louzada, J.N., Maues, M.M., Moura, N., Fonseca Oliveira, V.H., Mario Chaul, J.C., Vieira, I.C., Mac Nally, R., Gardner, T. 10/2015 In: Ecology Letters. 18, 10, p. 1108-1118. 11 p.
Journal article

Tropical forest fires and biodiversity: dung beetle community and biomass responses in a northern Brazilian Amazon forest
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Journal article

Brazil's environmental leadership at risk
Ferreira, J., Aragao, L.E.O.C., Barlow, J., Barreto, P., Berenguer, E., Bustamante, M., Gardner, T.A., Lees, A.C., Lima, A., Louzada, J., Pardini, R., Parry, L., Peres, C.A., Pompeu, P.S., Tabarelli, M., Zuanon, J. 7/11/2014 In: Science. 346, 6210, p. 706-707. 2 p.
Journal article

Biotic congruence in humid tropical forests: a multi-taxa examination of spatial distribution and responses to forest disturbance
de Andrade, R.B., Barlow, J., Louzada, J., Mestre, L., Silveira, J., Vaz-de-Mello, F.Z., Cochrane, M.A. 01/2014 In: Ecological Indicators. 36, p. 572-581. 10 p.
Journal article

Dung beetles as indicators of tropical forest restoration success: is it possible to recover species and functional diversity?
Audino, L., Louzada, J., Comita, L. 01/2014 In: Biological Conservation. 169, p. 248-257. 10 p.
Journal article

A social and ecological assessment of tropical land uses at multiple scales: the Sustainable Amazon Network
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Journal article

Dung Beetle community and functions along a habitat-disturbance gradient in the Amazon: a rapid assessment of ecological functions associated to biodiversity
Braga, R.F., Korasaki, V., Andresen, E., Louzada, J. 27/02/2013 In: PLoS ONE. 8, 2, 12 p.
Journal article

The responses of leaf litter ant communities to wildfires in the Brazilian Amazon: a multi-region assessment
Silveira, J.M., Barlow, J., Andrade, R.B., Louzada, J., Mestre, L.A., Lacau, S., Zanetti, R., Numata, I., Cochrane, M.A. 02/2013 In: Biodiversity and Conservation. 22, 2, p. 513-529. 17 p.
Journal article

Evaluating the impacts and conservation value of exotic and native tree afforestation in Cerrado grasslands using dung beetles
Gries, R., Louzada, J., Almeida, S., Macedo, R., Barlow, J. 05/2012 In: Insect Conservation and Diversity. 5, 3, p. 175-185. 11 p.
Journal article

Wildfires in Bamboo-Dominated Amazonian Forest: Impacts on Above-Ground Biomass and Biodiversity
Barlow, J., Silveira, J.M., Mestre, L.A.M., Andrade, R.B., D'Andrea, G.C., Louzada, J., Vaz-de-Mello, F.Z., Numata, I., Lacau, S., Cochrane, M.A. 9/03/2012 In: PLoS ONE. 7, 3, p. -. 11 p.
Journal article

Subtle land-use change and tropical biodiversity: dung beetle communities in Cerrado grasslands and exotic pastures
Almeida, S., Louzada, J., Sperber, C., Barlow, J. 11/2011 In: Biotropica. 43, 6, p. 704-710. 7 p.
Journal article

Quantifying responses of dung beetles to fire disturbance in tropical forests: the importance of trapping method and seasonality
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Journal article

Improving the design and management of forest strips in human-dominated tropical landscapes : a field test on dung beetles in the Brazilian Amazon.
Barlow, J., Louzada, J., Parry, L., Hernandez, M.I.M., Hawes, J., Peres, C.A., Vaz-de-Mello, F.Z., Gardner, T.A. 08/2010 In: Journal of Applied Ecology. 47, 4, p. 779-788. 10 p.
Journal article

A multi-taxa assessment of nestedness patterns across a multiple-use Amazonian forest landscape.
Louzada, J., Gardner, T.A., Peres, C.A., Barlow, J. 05/2010 In: Biological Conservation. 143, 5, p. 1102-1109. 8 p.
Journal article

Community structure of dung beetles in Amazonian savannas : role of fire disturbance, vegetation and landscape structure.
Louzada, J., Lima, A., Matavelli, R., Lima, L.Z., Barlow, J. 04/2010 In: Landscape Ecology. 25, 4, p. 631-641. 11 p.
Journal article

Measuring the conservation value of tropical primary forests: the effect of occasional species on estimates of biodiversity uniqueness
Barlow, J., Gardner, T., Louzada, J., Peres, C.A. 9/03/2010 In: PLoS ONE. 5, 3, 8 p.
Journal article

Factors affecting the abundance of leaf-litter arthropods in unburned and thrice-burned seasonally-dry Amazonian forests.
Silveira, J.M., Barlow, J., Louzada, J., Moutinho, P. 2010 In: PLoS ONE. 5, 9, p. e12877.
Journal article