Dr Andrew Sweetman

Senior Lecturer

Andy is a Senior Lecturer within the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) and Director of the Centre for Chemicals Management within LEC. His primary research interests involve the investigation the fate and behaviour of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) on UK, European and global scales. Much of his research, funded by Defra, involves the use and development of mathematical models to determine the fate and behaviour of chemicals in the environment and to improve the risk assessment process. This work has culminated in the development of a range of predictive models which operate on a range of spatial and temporal scales, which is important as the type of model required often relies on the questions being asked by policy makers or researchers.  As a result of working within this field, I have gained experience of a wide range of models and approaches, and have developed an understanding of the processes and parameters that drive such models. He also manages the Defra funded Toxic Organic Micro Pollutants (TOMPs) Network, which has operated since 1991, which provides ambient air data for a range of POPs at six sites across England and Scotland. Andy is also director of the Continuing and Professional Development programme on chemicals regulation and is the industrial liaisons partner for LEC with the REACH Centre Ltd. He is also working with waste technology companies and companies interested in sensors and networks, and the beneficial use of environmental nanomaterials. He is also is technical advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and a member of the NERC peer review college.