Dr Duncan Whyatt

Senior Lecturer
My primary interests lie in the development and/or application of air quality models within a GIS environment at a variety of spatial scales. My research on acid deposition and ground level ozone formation is nationally focused but of international significance both in terms of policy relevance (used to develop UK position relative to UNECE and EC protocols on emissions reduction) and science (e.g., assessment of uncertainties in long-range transport models, impact of climate change on air quality). At the local scale my research focuses more specifically on linkages between environment and health with particular emphasis on the development of innovative techniques to generate better estimates of exposure to air pollution (ESRC, 2007) and smarter analysis of monitored or modelled air quality data (NERC, 2008-2011). Future plans include using regional and local scale air pollution models to inform urban design (EPSRC, 2008-2012) and using GPS and GIS to develop exposure reduction strategies. AirTrack: http://www.airtrack.lancs.ac.uk/ Urban Futures: http://www.urban-futures.org/