Dr Hannah Newton

Research Associate

Analytical measurement techniques are of great interest to me, specifically those applicable to the measurement of trace gases and VOCs. I have worked with GC-MS, IRMS, LC-MS, GC-FID. My current research involvements focus on indoor air quality: the detrimental impact of poor air quality on health has been well, documented though current regulation of IAQ is poor. I am a member of the FP7 project INTASENSE which is developing a  low-cost miniaturised system that can comprehensively measure air quality, and identify the nature and form of pollutants. Within LEC we are also developing a passive sampler for VOCs with the specific application for indoor air quality studies.

The environmental impact of volatiles from both biogenic and anthropogenic sources is of the utmost importance to me. Currently there is a great push to alter ecosystems on a large scale whether it is for biofuels, climate mitigation or need for resources; Participating in NERC funded OP3 project gave me the opportunity to observe the rapid land use changes that are occurring in the tropics, driven by the expansion of oil palm plantations for food and biofuel production.