Dr Ruth Alcock

Head of Enterprise&Business Partnerships

Ruth joined LEC in 2009 to manage a NERC funded Knowledge Transfer Network on Catchment Change( CCN). This Network enables the exchange of best practice between the NERC research base and wider science user community in terms of understanding and managing uncertainty related to future change in catchments across three key areas - water scarcity, flood risk and diffuse pollution management.

She will take a lead role in coordinating activities within and between the science and user community, identifying new collaborative research opportunities and optimising professional development learning across a range of key science user groups.

Ruth trained as an environmental chemist (PhD Lancaster 1994) and developed a distinctive international profile of research targeted on the human health implications of chemical exposure. From 2003 she was based in the Lancaster Management School working alongside social scientists and focused on the interdisciplinary management and regulation of a range of contemporary risk issues. These included projects focused on risk migration and transformation, characterising the disparity between risk measurement and risk management, the broader impacts of new technologies such as nanotechnology and the regulatory implications of synergy associated with mixtures of hazards.