Mr Chris Lupa

PhD student

My name is Chris, I'm 25, and I am currently in the fourth year of my PhD at Lancaster University. My primary focus is the conversion of waste to energy using a high temperature ionised gas, known as plasma. The temperatures generated from plasma can exceed 5000°C, causing complete separation of the organic and inorganic fraction of a feedstock (waste, biomass etc.). The resultant gas, known as 'syngas' (predominantly CO and H2), can subsequently be combusted in a gas engine, or gas turbine, for the generation of renewable electricity and/or heat. My research also encompasses a wide range of other renewable energy generation technologies and processes including gasification, pyrolysis, and combustion. 

My project is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in conjunction with Stopford Energy and Environment (SEE) under the CASE studentship scheme. I work under supervision of Dr. Andy Sweetman, Dr. Ben Herbert, and Prof. Kevin Jones. Prior to commencing my Ph.D., I undertook a B.Sc. in Environmental Science at Lancaster University where I achieved a 1st class honours degree in 2009, and the departmental award for 'Best Overall Performance' in 2008.