Dr Sunitha Pangala

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow

Research Overview

I study plant soil interactions and greenhouse gas exchanges from carbon-dense forests and determine the effects and feedbacks of global change, climate and land use. Peat swamp forests of Borneo and Brazilian Amazon feature heavily in my work and in these ecosystems, I have been studying the role of trees in transporting methane produced in the soil to the atmosphere and quantifying the role of tree transport in methane cycling in pristine and disturbed peatlands/wetlands, as well as the loss of stored carbon in peat following disturbance.

Large emissions from floodplain trees close the Amazon methane budget
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Denial of long‐term issues with agriculture on tropical peatlands will have devastating consequences
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Technical Note: Semi-rigid chambers for methane gas flux measurements on tree stems
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Journal article

The contribution of trees to ecosystem methane emissions in a temperate forested wetland
Pangala, S.R., Hornibrook, E.R., Gowing, D.J.G., Gauci, V. 07/2015 In: Global Change Biology. 21, 7, p. 2642-2654. 13 p.
Journal article

Controls on methane emissions from Alnus glutinosa saplings
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Journal article

Trees are major conduits for methane egress from tropical forested wetlands
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Journal article

Mitigation of methane emissions from constructed farm wetlands
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Journal article