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Strategies for testing the impact of natural flood risk management measures
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

An analysis of the likely success of policy actions under uncertainty: recovery from acidification across Great Britain
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Journal article

Predicting microbial water quality with models: over-arching questions for managing risk in agricultural catchments
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Journal article

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Commissioned report

Uncertainty assessment of phosphorus risk to surface waters
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Commissioned report

Estimating phosphorus delivery with its mitigation measures from soil to stream using fuzzy rules
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Special issue

Eliciting fuzzy distributions from experts for ranking conceptual risk model components
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Journal article

Determining E. coli burden on pasture in a headwater catchment: combined field and modelling approach
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Journal article

Managing the impacts of nutrient enrichment on river systems: dealing with complex uncertainties in risk analyses
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Literature review

Scaling up the phosphorus signal from soil hillslopes to headwater catchments
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Journal article

Estimating phosphorus delivery from land to water in headwater catchments using a fuzzy decision tree approach
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Special issue

Increases in lake phytoplankton biomass caused by future climate-driven changes to seasonal river flow
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Journal article

Development and testing of a risk indexing framework to determine field-scale critical source areas of faecal bacteria on grassland.
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Journal article

Re-shaping models of E. coli population dynamics in livestock faeces: increased bacterial risk to humans?
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Journal article

Impacts of pollution and climate change on ombrotrophic Sphagnum species in the UK: analysis of uncertainties in two empirical niche models
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Journal article

Assessment of uncertainties in a long range atmospheric transport model : methodology, application and implications in a UK context.
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Journal article

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Journal article

Modelling the Chloride Signal at the Plynlimon Catchments, Wales Using a Modified Dynamic TOPMODEL.
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Journal article

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A fuzzy decision tree to predict phosphorus export at the catchment scale.
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Journal article

Presentation of the Influence of Deposition Uncertainties on Acidity Critical Load Exceedance across Wales.
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Journal article

Spatial Variability of Soil Phosphorus in Relation to the Topographic Index and Critical Source Areas : Sampling for Assessing Risk to Water Quality
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article