Dr Wei Chen

PhD student

Current Research

In the past few decades, the industries and economic in China have been markedly developed, at the same time, the living condition for citizens has been improved. Meanwhile, some concerns are emerging recently such as environmental, health and safety issues. In the past 15 years, the discharge of wastewater in China have been continually increasing, especially the domestic wastewater.Wastewater and its concomitant pollutions become one of these great issues.

Research on wastewater pollution and treatment has been concerned for many years. Numerous researches have been conducted in the west developed countries. But limited researches have been done in China, and most of them are focused on the conventional pollutants.Wei's Ph.D project is Fate of chemicals in Chinese waste-water treatment plants (WWTPs), and the major objectives are: 1) identify the priority chemicals of "down the drain" or "daily use" sources, 2) summarize the previous studies of pollutants in Chinese WWTPs, 3) conduct the mass-balance studies to discuss the fate of target compounds in different WWTPs, 4) model the fate and behaviors of chemicals and assess the current models and 5) assess the fate of target chemicals in the effluent and biosolids and their risk/impact of agricultural use or other use.

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Doctoral Thesis

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