Dr Ying Wang

PhD student

Aqueous photochemical degradation of hydroxylated PAHs: kinetics, pathways, and multivariate effects of main water constituents
Ge, L., Na, G., Chen, C., Li, J., Ju, M., Wang, Y., Li, K., Zhang, P., Yao, Z. 15/03/2016 In: Science of the Total Environment. 547, p. 166-172. 7 p.
Journal article

Concentration and distribution of organic phosphorus through a grassland catchment transfer continuum
Wang, Y. 2015 200 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Review of the Annual Phosphorus Loss Estimator (APLE) tool: a new model for estimating phosphorus losses at the field-scale
Benskin, C., Roberts, W., Wang, Y., Haygarth, P. 09/2014 In: Soil Use and Management. 30, 3, p. 337-341. 5 p.
Journal article