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Andy Darby

PhD student

Authors and the World, HighWire Doctoral Training Centre

Claudia Dauden Roquet

Research Associate - AffTech Early Stage Researcher, PhD student

+44 (0)1524 510321 B28, B - Floor, InfoLab21

Professor Nigel Davies

Distinguished Professor

CeMoRe - Centre for Mobilities Research, Centre for Global Eco-innovation , Energy Lancaster

+44 (0)1524 510327

Claire Dean

PhD student

Graham Dean

Senior Research Associate

HighWire Doctoral Training Centre, SCC Distributed Systems Group (MetaLab)

C29, C - Floor, InfoLab21

Edward Dearden

PhD student

Security Lancaster

Kapil Dev

Associate Lecturer

+44 (0)7448 412143 D21, D - Floor, InfoLab21

James Devine

PhD student, Associate Lecturer

C20, C - Floor, InfoLab21