Ben Wohl M.A. Mres

PhD student

Research Overview

Researching the influence of digital economy policy on the English Computing Curriculum.

Teaching computer science to 5-7 year-olds: an initial study with Scratch, Cubelets and unplugged computing
Wohl, B., Porter, B., Clinch, S. 9/11/2015 In: WiPSCE '15 Proceedings of the Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education . New York : ACM p. 55-60. 6 p.

Revealing the ‘face’ of the robot introducting the ethics of Levinas to the field of robo-ethics
Wohl, B. 21/07/2014 In: Mobile Service Robotics. Singapore : World Scientific Publishing p. 704-714. 11 p.

"Convince us'': an argument for the morality of persuasion
Knowles, B., Coulton, P., Lochrie, M., Wohl, B. 2014
Conference paper