Daniel Kershaw

PhD student

Birds of a feather talk together: user influence on language adoption
Kershaw, D., Rowe, M.C., Stacey, P.K., Noulas, A. 8/01/2017 In: Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences . IEEE p. 1851-1860. 10 p. ISBN: 9780998133102.
Conference contribution

Managing big data analytics projects
Stacey, P.K., Kershaw, D., Puntambekar, N., Egginton Draysey, E., Giering, G., Anastasiou, Z., Millington, J., Daramilas, C., Easton, J., Mehlem, J. 2017
Other contribution

From digital resources to historical scholarship with the British Library 19th Century Newspaper Collection
Gregory, I.N., Atkinson, P.D., Hardie, A., Joulain-Jay, A., Kershaw, D., Porter, C., Rayson, P.E., Rupp, C.J. 25/02/2016 In: Journal of Siberian Federal University: Humanities and social sciences. 9, 4, p. 994-1006. 13 p.
Journal article

Towards modelling language innovation acceptance in online social networks
Kershaw, D., Rowe, M., Stacey, P. 22/02/2016 In: WSDM '16 Proceedings of the Ninth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining. New York : ACM p. 553-562. 10 p. ISBN: 9781450337168.
Conference contribution

Language innovation and change in on-line social networks
Kershaw, D., Rowe, M.C., Stacey, P.K. 1/09/2015 In: HT '15 Proceedings of the 26th ACM Conference on Hypertext & Social Media. New York : ACM p. 311-314. 4 p.

Presenting the past: a case study of innovation opportunities for knowledge dissemination to the general public through pervasive technology
Butterworth, C., Kershaw, D., Devine, J., Gallagher, J., Croft, J. 07/2015

From the board to the streets: a case study of Local Property Trader
Gazzard, A., Lochrie, M., Gradinar, A., Coulton, P., Burnett, D., Kershaw, D. 11/11/2014 In: ToDIGRA. 1, 3, 30 p.
Journal article

Towards tracking and analysing regional alcohol consumption patterns in the UK through the use of social media
Stacey, P., Kershaw, D., Rowe, M. 2014
Conference paper

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