Dhruv Sharma

PhD student

Research Overview

Dhruv holds Masters degrees in Anthropology, Ethnography and Research Methods and is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Working on projects in Asia and Africa, Dhruv has industry experience as an ethnographer at one of India’s leading design consultancy firms, and continues to take freelance consultation alongside doctoral research into loneliness amongst the elderly.

Research blog: Designing effective loneliness interventions for older adults
Sharma, D. 17/11/2016
Other contribution

Fostering social innovation for active ageing
Sharma, D., Clune, S.J., Blair, L. 28/07/2016
Conference paper

Everybody's an ethnographer!
Sharma, D. 11/02/2016
Other contribution

Special Edition on Ethnography Matters: Post Disciplinary Ethnography
Lindley, J., Sharma, D., Potts, R., Wang, D. 26/01/2016 Ethnography Matters

How older people can use the internet to avoid loneliness
Sharma, D. 3/11/2015
Other contribution

Operationalizing design fiction with anticipatory ethnography
Lindley, J., Sharma, D., Potts, R. 10/2015 In: Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference Proceedings. Wiley p. 58-71. 14 p.

Shared ethnography of shared cities
Potts, R., Sharma, D., Lindley, J. 10/2015 In: EPIC 2015 Proceedings. Wiley p. 88-104. 17 p.

Social Innovation for Active Ageing (SIFAA)
Sharma, D. 18/09/2015

Operationalising design fiction for ethical computing
Lindley, J., Sharma, D. 14/09/2015 In: Proceedings of the 20th Conference for Ethical Computing (ETHICOMP). ACM

Developing radical-digital interventions to tackle loneliness amongst the elderly
Sharma, D., Blair, L., Clune, S. 5/08/2015 In: Human aspects of IT for the aged population. Cham : Springer p. 170-180. 11 p.

Radicalising the designer: combating age-related loneliness through radical-digital interventions
Sharma, D., Clune, S., Blair, L. 4/06/2015 In: Proceedings of Cumulus Milan 2015: The Virtuous Circle.
Conference contribution

Shopping mall design could nudge shoplifters into doing the right thing – here’s how
Sharma, D., Kilgallon Scott, M. 4/06/2015 The Conversation

Nudge; don't judge: using nudge theory to deter shoplifters
Sharma, D., Kilgallon Scott, M. 22/04/2015
Conference paper

An ethnography of the future
Lindley, J., Sharma, D. 1/11/2014
Conference paper

Anticipatory ethnography: design fiction as an input to design ethnography
Lindley, J., Sharma, D., Potts, R. 7/09/2014 In: 2014 Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference Proceedings. American Anthropological Association p. 237-253. 17 p.
Conference contribution

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