James Devine

PhD student, Associate Lecturer

MakeCode and CODAL: Intuitive and Efficient Embedded Systems Programming for Education
Devine, J., Finney, J., Moskal, M., de Halleux, P., Ball, T., Hodges, S. 30/03/2018 In: LCTES 18. New York : ACM 12 p.
Conference contribution

What Children’s Imagined Uses of the BBC micro:bit Tells Us About Designing for their IoT Privacy, Security and Safety
Knowles, B.H., Finney, J., Beck, S., Devine, J.A. 28/02/2018 In: Living in the Internet of Things: Cybersecurity of the IoT. 6 p.
Conference contribution

Presenting the past: a case study of innovation opportunities for knowledge dissemination to the general public through pervasive technology
Butterworth, C., Kershaw, D., Devine, J., Gallagher, J., Croft, J. 07/2015