Lyndon Fawcett

PhD student, Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

My research interests generally include cloud computing solutions, future Internet technologies, and media streaming technologies. More specifically, my current work includes:

  • Cloud/Edge/Fog computing solutions. OpenStack, Docker, Unikernels.
  • Network emulation/ virtualisation, OpenStack, and Mininet.
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN), at the moment interested in how it can be used within the home.
  • Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) solutions that use the Fog as an infrastructure.
  • The QUIC and HTTP2 protocols as well as adaptive streaming techniques.

Siren: A Platform for deploying Virtual Network Services in the Cloud to Fog Continuum
Fawcett, L., Broadbent, M.H., Race, N.J.P. 22/12/2017 In: Second Workshop on Flexible and Agile Networks (FlexNets) . IEEE
Conference contribution

Network service orchestration standardization: a technology survey
Rotsos, C., King, D., Farshad, A., Bird, J., Fawcett, L., Georgalas, N., Gunkel, M., Shiomoto, K., Wang, A., Mauthe, A.U., Race, N.J.P., Hutchison, D. 11/2017 In: Computer Standards and Interfaces. 54, 4, p. 203-215. 13 p.
Journal article

SDQ: Enabling rapid QoE experimentation using Software Defined Networking
Fawcett, L., Mu, M., Broadbent, M.H., Hart, N.P., Race, N.J.P. 24/07/2017 In: 2017 IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management (IM). Lisbon, Portugal : IEEE 4 p. Electronic ISBN: 9783901882890 .
Conference contribution

REF: Enabling Rapid Experimentation of Contextual Network Traffic Management using Software Defined Networking
Fawcett, L., Mu, M., Hareng, B., Race, N.J.P. 14/07/2017 In: IEEE Communications Magazine. 55, 7, p. 144-150. 7 p.
Journal article

Siren: a platform for deployment of VNFs in distributed infrastructures
Fawcett, L., Race, N.J.P. 3/04/2017 In: SOSR '17 Proceedings of the Symposium on SDN Research. New York : ACM p. 201-202. 2 p. ISBN: 9781450349475.
Conference contribution

Closing the gap: human factors in cross-device media synchronization
Mu, M., Fawcett, L., Bird, J., Trench-Jellicoe, J.M.E., Simpson, S., Stokking, H., Race, N.J.P. 02/2017 In: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing. 11, 1, p. 180-195. 16 p.
Journal article

Baguette: towards end-to-end service orchestration in heterogeneous networks
Rotsos, C., Farshad, A., Hart, N.P., Aguado, A., Bidkar, S., Sideris, K., King, D., Fawcett, L., Bird, J., Mauthe, A.U., Race, N.J.P., Hutchison, D. 15/12/2016 In: International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Communications (IUCC'16). IEEE p. 196-203. 8 p. ISBN: 9781509055661.
Conference contribution

Combinatorial Auction-Based Resource Allocation in the Fog
Fawcett, L., Broadbent, M.H., Race, N.J.P. 10/10/2016 In: Fifth European Workshop on Software Defined Networks (EWSDN), 2016. IEEE p. 62-67. 6 p. ISBN: 9781509061471. Electronic ISBN: 9781509061464.
Conference contribution