John Watson (JW-95-323)

An extract from Mr Watson's first letter

John Watson of Lingwood, Norfolk came into contact with Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain in Autumn 1995, and over the succeeding few months engaged in correspondence about travelling film shows in Norfolk in the 1920s and 1930s. During this time he also gave a brief telephone interview that was recorded and transcribed. Born in 1918, Mr Watson grew up near Norwich, and remembers attending mobile film shows in the small market town of Aylsham whilst on weekend visits to his grandmother. The particular value of Mr Watson's contribution to CCINTB lies in its concern with the rural filmgoing experience in East Anglia during the interwar years.

Document scan (JW-95-323PL001) | Transcript
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Interview transcript (JW-95-323AT001)
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Publication relating to mobile film exhibitions:
Stephen Peart, 'Meanwhile, back at the village hall', in The Picture House in East Anglia. (Lavenham, Suffolk: Terence Dalton Ltd, 1980), pp.120-125.