FHM Research Ethics Committee

The FHM Research Ethics Committee (FHMREC) oversees ethical review of proposed research that is not reviewed through research ethics mechanisms outside the University, such as the NHS Research Ethics Service.

A research project being conducted by FHM staff and/or postgraduate students should be submitted to the FHMREC for ethical review if it involves human participants (including secondary analysis of data gathered from humans) or other possible ethical risk factors, and is not being reviewed externally.  A link to the application flow chart outlining the steps of ethical review is available on the 'Documentation' tab of this page.

The aim of the committee is to ensure that ethical considerations and issues are addressed in the conduct of research . The committee seeks to support and encourage the process of ethically conducted research in FHM. The committee structure includes members from all of the FHM divisions providing diversity in perspectives and speciality knowledge (see "committee membership" for members' expertise).

The Review Process

Guidance on application completion and resources can be found under "Applications" and "Documentation" respectively.

For questions about the logistics of the application process, please contact FHM Research Ethics.

For questions about ethical issues and application content, please contact the Secretary of the committee at FHM Research Ethics


Please read the guidance here on complying with GDPR in research

Other resources

The following resources may be of interest: