Grizedale College students on benches

Welcome to Grizedale College

Grizedale is known as the ‘social College’ on campus, and we're renowned for our welcoming atmosphere and generous spirit. We have been welcoming students from all over the world for 45 years and we strive to be a warm and diverse community.

Why Choose Grizedale?

Grizedale College - or Gz to its members - is the youngest of the Undergraduate Colleges on campus. We're known as the ‘social College’, and we're close to the heart of campus, close to shops and catering outlets. Also, the Management School is just next door. We offer some of the most modern, eco-friendly accommodations, plus modern social spaces such as Gz bar and patio, a quiet working area and an off-campus brew room to make you feel right at home.

College life can be very rewarding, especially if you play an active part in it and there are many ways to get involved - just look at these webpages to find out more from our current students!

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